What To Do In Your Free Time: 20 Productive Things

20 Things To Do In Your Free Time
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Why is free time important?

Free time is essential for several reasons.

Free time plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and productivity. It allows individuals to relax, rejuvenate, and engage in activities that bring personal satisfaction and pleasure. By allowing ourselves time to unwind, we are better equipped to handle stress and maintain a healthy balance in various aspects of our lives. Furthermore, free time cultivates creativity and fosters personal growth, helping us discover our passions and ultimately enriching our lives.

Having some free time can give you a chance to hang out with your friends and family. This is great because it helps you build stronger relationships, keeps you from feeling lonely, and can even help you feel better mentally. 

In summation, leisure time is vital because it offers chances for repose, unwinding, pursuing interests, socializing, and individual improvement. It is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life and promoting overall well-being.

20 things to do with your free time to feel happier and healthier:

There are many things you can do with your free time to feel happier and healthier. Here are some ideas:


Doing some exercise every day is a great way to feel better both physically and mentally. Just 30 minutes of activity can give you a big boost. It gets your blood flowing and releases endorphins, which can really make you feel good. Consider going for a walk or run, joining a fitness class, or trying a new sport.

2-Practice mindfulness:

If you’re looking to be more present and focused, mindfulness is a powerful tool. Consider incorporating practices like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises into your routine.

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3- Write in a Journal: 

Keeping in touch with your thoughts and emotions is always a good idea. If you have never written in a journal before, do not worry about it too much. Just start writing about any topic that comes to your mind. You might want to write about your everyday experiences, or you might prefer to explore deeper topics such as your goals and fears. Try to write down your thoughts and goals on your phone, computer, or notebook for at least 15 minutes each day.

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4-Go for a walk or a jog:

If you’re looking to stay active and refreshed, consider taking a walk or jog. These outdoor activities can help you to clear your mind and maintain good health. Over time, you may find that you enjoy these activities so much that they become a part of your daily routine.

5-Read a book :

A great book possesses greater value than mere entertainment.  Regularly engaging in book reading has been linked to reduced depression, as well as improved empathy and social skills.

Reading can also serve as a valuable method of relaxation. Many individuals are accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle, and engaging in reading provides a refreshing change of pace. If you are seeking a way to unwind, reading may be the perfect activity.

6-Try DIY arts and crafts:

Creating hands-on projects and utilizing your imagination are valuable methods for stimulating your brain function. Additionally, through artistic expression, you can acquire new skills and adjust your outlook. You can start small with a sketchbook and pencils, Papercrafts, painting, or making bohemian-Inspired Vases and Jars.

7-Clean up:

Tidying your home may appear to be a responsibility, however, it can also be an effortless and calming task that enhances your organizational skills in other areas of your life. An uncluttered space frequently results in an uncluttered mind. If cleaning the entire space at once is too daunting, consider spending 10 minutes tidying one room each day.

8-Make Your Weekend About You, Not Work:

Lots of people take their work home with them and never really get a day off. Take some time to enjoy your weekend by focusing on personal activities. Spend more time with your family and less time at your home office. Take a short break. Avoid checking email and minimize distractions. Participate in hobbies or activities that you find pleasurable.

9-Learn a new recipe:

Cooking is never a waste of time. It is a way to express oneself and create delicious food. The possibilities for learning are endless. Following a recipe allows you to focus on something non-work related and receive a reward quickly.

10-Spend Time with Friends and Family:

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget the importance of spending quality time with those we hold dear. Take the time to connect with your friends and family, even if it’s just for a quick chat.

To maintain a sense of balance in our lives, it is crucial to have meaningful connections with others. Spending time with those we love can be an effective way to reduce stress, improve our mood, and enhance our overall well-being.

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Volunteering is an excellent means of giving back to your community. It is also a highly fulfilling way to spend your free time. There are countless opportunities for volunteering available, so you are certain to find a role that matches your interests and skills. You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen, help out at a school, Volunteer in hospitals, or work with an environmental organization…

Simply identify something that holds significance for you and get involved.

Not only does volunteering promote personal development, but it also offers the chance to meet individuals who share similar interests and acquire new skills.

12-Spend time in nature:

Nature is often sought out by successful and ambitious individuals for inspiration and to replenish their energy levels through outdoor activities that stimulate the release of endorphins. Engaging in outdoor activities, such as breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beauty of nature, can have a positive impact on one’s productivity and overall well-being.

Changing your environment and taking a pause outside can provide a better perspective when you return to work. Hearing the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds while feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin can also provide a significant boost to your mood.

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13-Start a challenge:

If one wishes to optimize the use of their spare time, starting a challenge is a great strategy. However, it is crucial to find ways to integrate the challenge into one’s daily routine until completion. Possible challenges include a decluttering challenge, a reading challenge, or any other challenge that suits one’s personality.

14-Rest and Relax:

It is essential to keep in mind the importance of taking regular breaks to rest and relax for overall well-being. Whether you want to read a book, take a nap, or just watch TV, make sure you give yourself some time to unwind.
Do not feel guilty for taking a break. You’re gonna be so surprised at how refreshed you feel after.

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15-Learn a New Language:

Learning a new language is an excellent way to utilize your free time. Although it can be tough and demanding, it is also incredibly fulfilling. You will not only be able to converse with people from different cultures but also learn about their customs and way of life.

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16-Grow Your Network:

Growing your professional network is an excellent use of your free time. You never know when you might need a favor or an introduction, so having as many contacts as possible is always beneficial. There are many ways to expand your network, including attending industry events, joining professional organizations, using online social networks, or reaching out to those you already know.

17-Clean up your inbox:

Use this extra time to thoroughly clean your inbox. Over time, email inboxes can become cluttered with an overwhelming amount of sale emails and newsletters. Organize all of your emails into the proper folders, then unsubscribe from any emails that you no longer wish to receive. Our online lives can become so cluttered, so doing this will assist you in creating some order in your online presence.

18-Take an online course:

If you want to enhance your knowledge in a particular subject but do not want to leave your home, you can search for online courses on the subject you are interested in. You may even be able to find free online courses to get started with.

19-Work on Your Garden:

If you have a garden try to enhance the appearance of your surroundings by trimming bushes, uprooting unwanted vegetation, and developing a plan for the future. Gardening can serve as a highly beneficial activity to aid in stress management and facilitate outdoor activities. 

 there is a vast range of online resources that are free to access, which can help you find garden and landscape designs, as well as provide inspiration to showcase your gardening skills.

20-Take a Bath:

Relax in a long, leisurely bath with bubbles and candles, while listening to your favorite podcast, or audiobook or just focusing on your breath and relax. Take the time to unwind and let your worries drift away.


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