How To Find Your Passion ? ” 11 Tips”

How To Find Your Passion

What is Passion ?

Passion is the force that drives one’s actions, interests, and feelings. Passion is the unsquashed energy that propels us beyond conventional goals and expectations.
Passion is being so connected to a subject that your mind never wanders away from it. It is a do-or-die passion, which consumes your every waking moment. It is so strong that you know it cannot last forever, but you are not afraid to die just so you can have one more taste of it. It is a passion that cannot be put into words because it is pure and fundamental.
It is a powerful emotion that is difficult to define but that people experience when they are alive with a strong desire to do something well or arouse strong feelings.Passion is not just an emotion but also the motivation behind an intense feeling or deep desire. Passion is the overwhelming emotion we feel towards an idea, person or object.

How to find your passion ?

1-The activities you enjoy :

Draw up a list of your regular activities and set aside a few minutes to consider each one.Make a note of your hobbies, your work duties, or anything else that puts a smile on your face. If an activity makes you lose track of time, it’s likely that you’re really enjoying it.

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2-Be aware of how you spend your free time:

Your hobbies are not necessarily indicative of your true passion, but they can give you a hint. If, for example, you spend a lot of your free time reading, your passion might involve writing, teaching, or researching anything that feeds your mind in the same way that reading does.Your passion likely revolves around creating and building if you enjoy fixing things around the house. If you find yourself enjoying dancing or exercising, you are most likely drawn to movement and expression. Try thinking deeper about your extracurricular activities and you might just uncover your passion.

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3-Consider your talents:

Consider the things you’re naturally good at or the skills you’ve worked to develop. These may be indicative of passions you have. Make a list of these things, such as photography, public speaking, or drawing,cooking…
If you don’t think you have a talent, take notice when others compliment you. It is possible that you are more talented than you believe.

4-Look for highlights in your day:

You may find that there is a certain day of the week or time of day you look forward to more than others.For example, it might be a particular meeting, task, or time you’ve set aside.The best part of your day can be found in the unexpected moments. Pay attention to what makes you happy, whether it’s something big or small.

5-Examine your fears:

One way to figure out how to find your passion in life is to think about what scares you. For example, have you thought about quitting your job to write, design, start a business, or cook, and the thought absolutely terrified you?When you feel excitement and fear about pursuing a certain skill or pastime, that is a sign that it is your passion. It is time to stop letting the fear of failure hold you back. You may fail at first but don’t let that stop you from trying.

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6-What topics do you like to discuss or teach others:

When you interact with others, take some time to think about the types of conversations you enjoy or engage with the most. It might also be helpful to consider if there are any tasks or topics you often teach others about, as these are likely things that are important to you.

7-Think about your strengths:

Reflect on what you’re good at and what your best personality traits are. Knowing both your soft and hard skills can help you figure out what you’re good at and what you find interesting. You might also have a natural skill that makes you feel good and motivated when you do it.

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8-Follow your curiosity and explore the things you’ve always wanted to try:

We all have dreams and aspirations, but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing them. Though it may be daunting or even scary at first, we’ll never know if we’re really passionate about it until we try it out. By expanding our horizons and opening ourselves up to new opportunities, we might find something we didn’t even know we liked.

9-Invest time in your interests:

You can’t claim to be passionate about something if you’re not willing to put in the time to develop that interest.If you want to develop your hobbies and interests more, schedule time each week specifically for that. The deeper your understanding and appreciation for the activity becomes, the more involved you will feel and your passion will continue to grow.

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10-Practice journaling:

The purpose of journaling may not be immediately apparent to those who are unfamiliar with the practice, but it helps us track our progress and personal growth.A journal provides us with a medium to discover what we are really passionate about, without any outside judgment or limiting beliefs getting in the way.

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11-Get out of your Comfort Zone:

It may be difficult to find your passion in life if you do not explore or allow yourself the time to do so. If you are constantly commuting, working, or sitting in front of the television, you will have a more difficult time finding what it is that ignites the spark of passion.
If you want to discover what you’re passionate about, you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone and have some new experiences. Join a sport. Travel to a new place. Try new foods.try new hobbies. Research something you’ve always found interesting. It will take some effort to answer the question “what are you passionate about?” You will probably feel uncomfortable at first, but it will be worth it in the end.”Life and finding your passion begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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