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12 Ways To Add More Variety To Your Routine:

Whether you’re struggling with negative thoughts, low self-esteem, or too many bad days, you can learn from people who see the world through rose-colored glasses. Not only are positive people born that way, they’ve weathered bad days, and many struggle to feel good about themselves. That is why the secrets of positive people are valuable, they are there. Sometimes you have to accept that life is going slower than expected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some variety at the same time. Life is about small daily pleasures.There are a few tips to turn things around:

1.Practice gratitude:

Throughout the day they find moments of gratitude and this helps them feel happier and more aware. When you spend time feeling gratitude, your thoughts become more positive and peaceful .

2.Redesign your space:

If your living space doesn’t inspire you, add new sensory experiences such as candles, lights, flowers or plants. Keep things fresh by rearranging furniture, changing cushion covers, or rearranging shelves.

3.Learning Something New:

There is always more to learn about the world and about ourselves. Try learning a new language, how to code, how to drawing ,how to take good photos, how to take care of plants or how to make your own clothes. The best thing is that there are so many free resources to learn this online (YouTube, Skillshare, blogs, etc.).

4.Invest time and energy in things that make you feel positive:

Whether it’s time for meditation, exercise, art projects, or book clubs, positive people spend time doing things that make their bodies and minds feel good .

5.Change up your morning routine:

Change Your Morning Routine Bring variety into your life by changing your morning routine. Do you usually have breakfast at the table? Have your breakfast on the veranda and listen to the birdsong. Do you usually start the day with work? at the gym?Take your workout outdoors by running sprints on a nature trail or track. The rest of your day begins.

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6.Try new recipes or a new way of eating:

Pick a recipe you were lazy for and cook yourself a meal! Half the thrill is figuring out what to do, or making cooking something you crave by finding new recipes you’ve never tried before. You can also try new diets, for example Go vegan or vegetarian for a month ..etc

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7. Embrace your curiosity:

An inquisitive mind is rarely bored. Try to be intrigued by everything around you. When you find beauty in the ordinary, you’ll never be bored again.

8. Have fun:

During your free time, watch a YouTube video or listen to a stand-up comedy performance. Who doesn’t love to lift their spirits with some goofy vibes?

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9.Reconnect with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while:

Call him up and ask if he’d like a coffee. It will feel so good to see someone again that you haven’t seen in a long time.

10.Start a Conversation :

Talking to strangers can be intimidating, but it is very rewarding. Strike up a conversation with the woman who serves you coffee, family across from you at the grocery store, or a new colleague who seems a bit shy.

11.Hear the sounds of nature :

Go outside and listen to the crickets chirping, the birds singing and the wind blowing. Concentrate hard and marvel at the beautiful sounds of nature that you were too busy to hear.

12. Do something else:

A person can only do the same thing so many times before they get bored. The best way to bring fun into your everyday life is to do something different as much as possible, no matter how big or small it is. Regular variety helps maintain interest in day-to-day business.Do you have any fun ideas you’d add to this list?

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