How to Make Others Like You ? “12 Tips”

« How to Make Others Like You ? »

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How to Make Others Like You ?

1-Be proud of yourself:

Never feel embarrassment about who you are.But they forget that they do not want everyone’s acceptance. All you need to find are the right people who embrace who you are.And when you’re not afraid to show up, it’s easier to find these people.

2-Listen better:

Sometimes over-communication puts people at ease.But it is also important to stop from time to time and listen. Good communicators breathe from time to time! Nice people are always on the lookout to learn (really) new things. The best communicators talk and talk, then listen for a response. This makes them desktop favorites.

3-Smile :

Many people go an entire day without smiling. While I’m not asking you to always wear a fake smile, you should find reasons to smile every day.You can only find reasons if you look for them. And meeting a person is good. A smile makes a good impression and is likely to be passed on to the other person.

4-Take the initiative:

Overcome your nature, your personality, your shyness, your ignorance, your ego or whatever it is and go for it. When you start, you show that you are rejection-proof, which proves your confidence. When you want to exercise your social skills, act before you think. Say something within 5 seconds. Even if the conversation turns into a big failure, show courage and initiative.Become an initiator and get towards people.

5-Be really interested:

People like to talk about themselves. It’s common advice to show interest in life, passions, goals, and whatever people have to say. But no one tells you how to become genuinely interested in the other person.
There are two secrets to this:
-Find what you can learn from them.
-Everyone has knowledge, experience and perspectives that you don’t. Find out how you can help them.

6-Asking Questions:

I’m not talking about questions like « How’s your day going?, »How are you?Instead, ask odd questions. They permit different human beings to open up. Strange questions may be funny, weird, creative, specific, or special in some other way. Just ensure you ask open-ended questions (don’t ask yes or no questions).

7- Make Them Feel Comfortable :

People won’t open up to you if they don’t feel comfortable. To make them feel comfortable, put yourself at ease and give them reasons to trust you. First, relax and speak with open body language. Next, build trust by providing value and aligning your words with your actions.

8-Stop Judging :

Very often we judge people (including ourselves) and focus on the negative. What you focus on grows.Every person has advantageous(positive) and bad (negative) traits. There are already enough people reporting what is wrong.Find what you like about them and focus on that. Be the one who shows the good side of people.


Get so lost in the conversation that you lose track of time. When you’re in a rush or constantly checking your watch, you’re disrespecting the other person. View conversations as an opportunity to relax.

10-Give Validation:

Make others experience heard. Even while you disagree with someone, validate them first. Tell them you apprehend what they’re saying. Understanding is the primary pillar of communication.

11-Don’t try too hard to impress:

The more you try to impress people, the more you’ll repel them. People will either hate you or love you for who you are when you show them the real you Try to please or impress others to be accepted, they will ignore you. And the worst thing is that you feel disconnected from yourself. Impress people by being open about who you are and not trying too hard.

12-The little things add up:

First impressions count, but it’s not the end if they aren’t perfect. When you develop an intimate relationship with someone, it’s the little things you do that define how they perceive you.


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