Why do I never feel passionate about anything?

Why do I never feel passionate about anything

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Why do I never feel passionate about anything?

Do you think everything you do is gray and lackluster? Do you find work boring? Is it all just blabla? Maybe you feel like you can’t be good at anything or passionate because you’re not super talented or good at anything. It’s never too late to understand what matters most to you and live a life of passion.

Here is some tips who can help you to be passionate :

        1.Think positive « Change your vision »:

Why am I not passionate about anything? This is one of the most helpless questions you can ask yourself. This assumes that you are not passionate about anything. The words we use and the language we choose have an immense impact on our minds and how we process our lives.If you just change that question to « what I’m passionate about» you’ll have a very different emotional state. A little perspective goes a long way. Release yourself from all the negative voices in your head that are holding you back and blocking you.

        2.Think for yourself:

Don’t just follow what the pack decides is « cool ». Find out what you really like. Get into all sorts of things. Push your comfort zone. Try new things more than once. If you like them, keep doing what you’re doing until you start making progress.

        3.Think strategically:

Find out what causes you the most frustration and dissatisfaction. Isolate that thing and start working to reduce it. In the meantime, start keeping a journal of the things that bring you joy. And while you’re at it, start asking yourself what you wanted to be growing up. Why can’t you be now? Start dreaming again.

        4.Be confident:

Believe you are doing the right thing . You will know what it is if you just start listening to yourself. Overcome your fears and find pleasure in life. Take the time to check in?and be honest.

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        5.Stay curious:

A great way to figure out what you want to spend your life on is to figure out what interests you the most. If you haven’t made it yet, maybe it’s because you haven’t seen it yet. Start reading , drawing ,cooking…and be more open to new things. You never know where your passion might arise.


 « Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.       “Anthony J. D’Angelo “


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