8 Tips For Healthy Social Media Habits

8 Tips For Healthy Social Media Habits

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8 Tips For Healthy Social Media Habits:

Social networks are a paradox. They can bring us closer to others, but they can also make us feel inadequate and alone. We can choose how social networks affect our well-being.but there are many ways to take action today to protect our well-being by adopting healthy social media habits.

1-Avoid the usage of social media before bed:

The blue light from our phones and other devices can negatively impact our sleep, but a good night’s sleep is important for mood regulation. Log out of social media and turn off your screens about an hour before bed.

2-Limit the time you spend scrolling each day :

Time flies easily when we’re distracted by social media, but a small study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology shows that people reduce the time they spend on social media to less than 30 minutes limit per day, report happier moods and feelings.

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3-Turn off notifications :

When I get a notification, I click on it. Even when I’m doing something important, I still feel the need to check the notification. To stop the constant distractions, I turned off notifications. my phone for one of my social media apps. When I check the app during the day, I see the notification and handle it at that time.I know there are many people who can’t bear to miss out, but I’m not one of those people and you can be that person too if you let yourself.

4- Live in the moment:

If you’re doing something fun, don’t worry about having the perfect picture to share on social media.Instead, make the maximum of the instant through putting your phone down and being completely present.

5-Take a break:

If you think using social media has made you depressed or anxious, Switching off helps you recharge your batteries and refocus on what matters most in your life. it’s a good idea to take a break for a few days.

6-Start your day consciously:

As easy as it is to pick up your phone and start scrolling from your bed, it might not be the healthiest way to start your day since you can’t control what you’ll see. Seeing something negative could potentially contribute to negative subconscious thoughts that put you at risk for unhealthy patterns, so try starting with meditation, prayer, stretching, or positive affirmations instead. These alternatives are likely to support a healthier inner monologue.

7-Follow the people and things that make you happy:

Do annoying posts pop up when you scroll through your feed?Unfollow, block or mute content that annoys you. Much of the content on social media is heavily curated and can represent lifestyles and attitudes that don’t exist. To accommodate this, you should limit the number of people you follow on social media. so instead choose to follow things and people that make you happy.

8-Use social media for inspiration not for comparison :

Take a step back and remember that social media is what others want us to see and it’s not fair to compare us to it. It’s important to understand that we only see what other people want to see , and mostly people use social media to hype their daily lives. That’s why it’s so important not to use social media as a reason to feel bad. Instead, shift your mindset from comparison to inspiration.Look at the people you follow and think about why you follow them. By thinking about why you follow the people you follow and what benefits you get from it, you can better understand how to use these accounts for inspiration.


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