How to find inspiration? 19 methods to get inspired!

How to find inspiration? 20 methods to get inspired!

We need to open our minds to how we might find inspiration, who might come our way, and what things we might seek inspiration for.
People find inspiration in nature, through technology, through those who we emulate, through random events, or even inside ourselves. We all want to be moved and then use that to create love, joy, passion, and purpose.

19 methods to get inspired:

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, here’s a list of ways we can find inspiration in:

1-yoga and meditation:

This allows us to detach from the distractions of the outside world and free our minds to make space for inspiration and opportunity.

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2-Change your environment:

Leave the house and go to a new place. A new environment can be inspiring by giving you a new way of looking at things.

3-Back to nature:

Take some time out in nature and appreciate its incredible beauty. Disconnecting from the electronic world and connecting with nature allows you to reconnect with its inspiration. Go for a bush walk, climb a mountain, or just have a picnic at your local park. It’s a place for us to find what we’ve lost and move forward again.


Try something you’ve never done before and give it back to others. Volunteering has the benefit of doing something good for others and feeling good at the same time. You will often meet people who inspire you and who are also giving of their time as well.

5-Keep a notebook to jot down ideas:

Carry a notebook with you to jot down ideas whenever they arise. These ideas may not seem innovative at this point, but they can serve as inspiration at a later date.

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6-Change your routine :

When you get stuck in your daily routine, you stop paying attention to the things around you. A change in your routine will revitalize your spirit with new sights, smells and sounds to inspire you. For example, change your route to work or go to a new place for your cup of coffee.

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7-Take the time to read:

Reading can inspire you by giving you new ideas and thoughts. Read everything from novels to news and you might find an idea or even a single sentence in the text that inspires you.

8-Research what others are doing in your field:

Find out what other people are doing in your creative field. A quick Google search can be a great source of inspiration if you’re running out of ideas.

9-Share ideas with other people:

If you feel stuck, get help. Simply talking to someone else about the problem can help unleash your creativity.It might tell you something that will help make sense of a problem to you. for example :Get together with a colleague or a good friend to spark inspiration.

10-Write Your Thoughts in a Journal:

Journaling can be a powerful liberation and generate creative inspiration both now and in the future. Your journal is your special space to be open and free with your words and to let what’s inside shine through.

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11-Teach Someone Something You Enjoy:

Sometimes teaching someone something you enjoy, or something you once enjoyed, can reignite the way you think about it.

12-Read other authors’ blogs on topics that interest you:

This is very easy and can open up new perspectives that you may not have thought of. We all face the same problem from different angles and angles. So by listening to other thoughts, you really can get the new inspiration you need to enliven your own creative process.

13- Paint, Draw or use adult coloring books:

One of the purposes of all these activities is to calm and distract us. When we can distract ourselves from the outside world, we create space for creativity, giving ourselves the opportunity to be inspired.

14-Find out more about inspiring people:

Try reading an autobiography or a biography of someone who is famous and has made a difference. Alternatively, you can search online for videos about them or read websites dedicated to them. Reading about the life of someone you admire can be very inspiring. Their struggles and triumphs can inspire you for your own work.

15-Focus on one problem at a time:

If you try to juggle too many problems at once, it can become overwhelming. Instead, focus on solving one problem at a time and save the other tasks for later. If necessary, make a list of things you need to do so you can focus on one thing now.

16-Set clear goals and strive to achieve them:

Inspirational people are those who can set a goal and put in great effort to achieve it. It takes a lot of self-discipline and dedication to your passions to achieve your goals.
Set achievable goals.Break up the task into chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Find out what you can do today and make it your goal. Be realistic about what you can do.

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17-Turn off the technology:

While technology can be a supply of inspiration, it is able to additionally distract you from what is going on around you. Try turning off your cell phone, computer, TV, and other devices during the day. Focus on the people around you, the food you eat and the things you see as you go about your day and give yourself opportunities to journal, reflect, let your mind wander and to imagine the possibilities you were thinking of or having trouble connecting with. It’s important to give yourself this time regularly as we get too caught up in distractions and don’t give ourselves a chance to clear our mind and tap into the inspiration within.

18-Positive attitude :

Contrary to what some people might think, a positive attitude isn’t about sugarcoating the truth or pretending that life is always perfect. It’s about accepting reality as it is and choosing to face it with healthy optimism about the future. In dark times it can be very difficult to stay positive. People who maintain a positive attitude can inspire others to overcome dark times and see the potential for happiness to return.

19-Surround yourself with things that give you energy:

You know what you love, whether it’s freshly cut flowers, beautiful paintings, or meaningful quotes.Make these things a part of your daily life. They give you energy that can help you develop the right mindset to get inspired. These things will make you happier, which will make you more positive about life.A positive attitude can make you more receptive to inspiration.

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