How to Have a Good Morning Routine: 13 Powerful habits

productive morning routine

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What is the importance of a productive morning routine?

A productive morning routine relaxes you and sets you up for a successful day.
The benefits of having a morning routine are both psychological and physical, which is something that has been scientifically proven and experienced by people. People who have good morning routines always get more accomplished during their day than those who do not.
Having a morning routine helps us set the tone for the day and better control our schedules. When we start each day fresh, we can better focus on what is in front of us and increase our productivity.

13 Tips for a Productive Morning Routine :

productive morning routine tips

1-Prepare your day the Night Before:

With a bit of extra planning the night before, mornings can be less chaotic and more manageable, and your mornings will run much more smoothly. This might mean, for example setting out your clothes, preparing your bag…everything can get you lost more time in the morning, so get it ready at night, they’re easily within reach.

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2-Waking up early:

Although some may argue that waking up early is not necessary for a routine, it is difficult to ignore the fact that many of the world’s most successful individuals wake up early in fact. Waking up early is a key to success, as many highly accomplished people will attest.
Having a morning routine allows you to get a head start on your day before getting worn down from your daily responsibilities.

3-Cold shower:

Cold showers offer a lot of psychological, physical, and emotional benefits. When cold water hits your body, that shock sensation increases oxygen intake, increases your heart rate, and boosts alertness.


Meditation is an excellent way to begin your day. The process of meditating can stimulate the release of endorphins, which are known to improve mood. Plus, our minds are usually more clear in the morning, which makes meditation even more effective.
Mediation for just 5–10 minutes as part of your morning routine can result in increased focus, energy, and a sense of well-being.

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By exercising in the morning, you can give yourself a boost of energy, metabolism, and muscle strength. It does not have to be a lot: a 20 to 30-minute run, morning warm-up, some yoga, or just a mini walk in the Sun will do the trick.

6-Healthy breakfast:

If you want to have a productive morning, one of the key things to do is to eat breakfast. Remember that your body hasn’t had food for the past seven or eight hours, so starting your day with a nutritious breakfast can give you the energy you need.
Generally speaking, healthy food makes you feel good and can be the difference between having a productive day or not.

7-Make a to-do list :

Planning ahead is key when you know you have a busy day. Review your calendar and goals, and integrate your goals and your list of to-do’s so you have a plan of action. And make a to-do list to ensure you make the most of your time.

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8-Keep Your Workspace Organized:

Seemingly little things like having a cluttered workspace are some of the things that can prevent you from having a productive morning routine.

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Something as simple as adding a glass of water to your morning routine can have a profound impact. Hydration is a key element of good health. Water eliminates waste from the body, regulates body temperature, lubricates and cushions joints, and protects sensitive tissues. Our bodies can become dehydrated while we sleep, so water in the morning helps replenish them. Drinking water in the morning has been shown to have numerous benefits, including reducing calorie intake during the day, improving mental performance, and improving the look and health of your skin.


Reading also helps you develop your vocabulary and become more eloquent. This is one of the basic signs of intelligence and high education, so you definitely want this in your productivity-related skills asset. Moreover, reading alleviates stress, by helping us reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress.

11-Pare down your decisions:

You can eliminate low-level decisions by making them routine, by creating a routine for all choices and decisions. For example, what you’ll wear and eat on a certain day, what you’ll drink on your way to work…

12-Avoid your phone:

Morning scrolling through the news or social media feeds is a passive activity that could take away from productivity.

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13-Stay Persistent:

It can be easy to let your morning routine slide during summer or vacation but try to stay vigilant. This will not only help your body maintain a morning routine rhythm, but it will help you accomplish all that you hope to do during daily life.

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