8 Powerful Ways to Bust Stress in 5 Minutes

8 Ways to Bust Stress in 5 Minutes

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What is Stress ?

Stress management is the process of acquiring and practicing various cognitive and behavioral strategies with the purpose of managing and coping stress. Stress is defined as the belief that desires exceed personal sources and can result in psychological effects (eg, hypertension, migraines) and psychological effects (eg, anxiety, depression). Potential sources of stress variety from major life activities just like the death of a loved one, divorce or job loss, to “everyday problems” such as traffic problems and interpersonal problems.

8 Ways to Bust Stress in 5 Minutes :

Here are 10 quick strategies that can help you break the stress cycle in the moment that take 5 minutes (or less), so that you can calm down, refocus, and go about your day.


Meditation is gaining reputation as a mainstay of stress management because it offers so many wonderful benefits, including (after consistent practice) resilience to future stressors. Many people avoid learning meditation because they feel they don’t have the ability to learn the technique or the time to practice regularly.
In reality, meditation can be very easy to learn, and even 5 minutes of meditation can make a difference.

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2-Do some push-ups:

Sometimes, when tension and frustration are high, the fastest manner to alleviate stress and metabolize more adrenaline is to simply move. Get up from your seat, sit on the floor and do some push-ups.

3-Breathing Exercises :

Breathing to relieve stress is one of the most popular ways to calm down quickly, and for good reason: Breathing exercises can be done by anyone, anytime, with little training, and for free. Breathing exercises can also be combined with other exercises to reduce stress. (e.g. guided imagery or meditation) for additional benefits and ease of use.

So “Take 12 slow deep breaths,” says Amber Trueblood, LMFT. “Breathe in as deeply as you can comfortably, emptying your lungs completely with each exhalation.” Do this for five minutes, breathing as slowly and deeply as possible. The process works because it oxygenates  blood cells, lowers blood pressure, and helps balance cortisol and adrenaline levels in the bloodstream. Of course, this means that  exercise reduces stress.

4-Visual imagery:

Also known as guided imagery, this exercise is commonly used for relaxation and stress management. Find a comfortable chair or bed. Close your eyes. Visualize a place, like a garden or the beach, where you feel safe and peaceful. Take a slow look around this place.Observe every detail, use all your senses to make this place as real as possible, think about what you see, feel, hear and smell. Repeat to yourself, “I’m relaxed, I’m safe
here.Spend a few minutes enjoying the sensation of deep relaxation, opening your eyes when you are ready.

5-Stretching :

Relieve stress by doing simple stretching exercises. They stimulate circulation, improve circulation, increase flexibility and relieve muscle tension. Sit in a straight-backed chair. Hold a belt (or rolled towel) in your right hand.Inhale and stretch your right arm up, letting the belt hang behind you. Exhale and bend your right arm at the elbow. Push your left shoulder back while reaching up to grab the end of the belt with your left hand. Bring your hands closer together while holding the strap and keeping your spine straight. Do not tilt your head and neck forward.Take five breaths. Switch arms and repeat on the other side.

6-Lock yourself in the bathroom or a quiet place :

That’s fine, you can’t just lock yourself in the bathroom for five minutes, although it might help calm you down, says Lynell Ross, a certified health and wellness coach and behavior change specialist. Position yourself and a quiet spot on the floor. Place your hands on your heart and feel your heart rate drop as you focus on your breathing. Stay there in silence for five minutes.Concentrate on your breath and your heart. This actively silences your nervous system.

7-Get five minutes of sun:

The sun is a excellent source of vitamin D and there are numerous research showing how this can assist enhance our mindset and mood. If you’ve been indoors all day, take a brisk walk, sit in your backyard, or just stay outside in the fresh air.Five minutes of blue sky can do your mind and your heart some real good.

8-Have a calming cup of tea:

Have a hot cup of tea, preferably without caffeine, And place the smart phone away and simply spend a few minutes focusing on the flavor of tea, the temperature, noticing everything about the cup.
This mindfulness practice helps you detach from other thoughts and focus on something that calms you. This can be a great tactic to relieve stress at work; While you may not necessarily avoid stressors completely, you can use a cup of tea as a cue to stop for a moment.


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