13 Productive things To Make Your Waiting Time Productive

How To Make Your Waiting Time Productive.

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Wait time is the time you have to wait after submitting an action or service request and before the action/service actually occurs.
Unfortunately, we all have to waste some of our precious time waiting somewhere , On the phone , at the airport, at the doctor’s office, at the bank, in meetings and appointments with an unpunctual person… There is a good amount of waiting times we do not choose or plan .

13 Productive things To Make Your Waiting Time Productive ?

Here’s a list of productive things you can do to take advantage of and enjoy these waiting times:

1-Listen to a useful podcast:

whether it’s about learning something new, a laugh, staying excited, or just listening to a really interesting conversation, escape for those few minutes by detaching yourself from the world and plugging into something you love.

2-Review your to-do list :

Take a few minutes to review your to-do list.Check what you have already accomplished and plan what you will do next. I always get more done when I have a plan of what I’m going to do next.

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If you have a busy day, this can be a good option. There’s a difference between being bored and doing it on purpose to relax and re-energize. Play games, surf the web, check your social media accounts, listen to a podcast or something that relaxes you (like the sound of nature), and read a magazine or book. Remember that rest is the key to productivity.

4- Socialize:

If you expect a long wait, call someone you know in the area and invite her to have a coffee. Or talk to someone you don’t know. Complaining about the wait time can be a good icebreaker, or changing the subject to something else can be better.

5-Backup and clean up photos:

Speaking of organization, why not spend a few minutes deleting blurry photos or backing up pictures to the cloud so you can free up space on your phone?


Thinking about the life you would like to live can not only put you in a good mood, it can also be very motivating. This is how you start creating your goals.

7-Create a grocery list:

Can you think of the grocery you need?so Start your next shopping list while you wait.

°°Grocery list°°


Take a few minutes to write down what’s on your mind, how your day is going, what’s bothering you. When I put it down on paper, it immediately feels like I’ve offloaded a heavy weight

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9-Invest in learning new things:

Read a book, an article you have marked as “read later”; Listen to a podcast or an audio book. Seriously, this makes every wait worthwhile. Or sign up for a short course to learn a new skill or improve an existing one. There’s nothing more rewarding than investing in learning new things while you wait. You can use this time to further improve your market value on the job market through both.Get the most from your investment by expanding your arsenal of important job skills.

10 -Make your wait fruitful with open-ended, non-linear thinking:

Mechanical productivity is what we’re usually supposed to be working on in our 9-to-5 routines. Let’s find creative solutions to complex problems,” Farman writes.“Waiting, daydreaming and the resulting boredom unlock the brain’s ‘standard network’. This is sometimes referred to as “the web of imagination” and connects us to creative approaches and solutions that we might not have found if we had searched for them; they only come when our minds are in a moment of pause. So use your next waiting time to get creative, for example through the doodling technique.

11-Read a book:

Most people wish they had more time to read. Use the waiting time and read a book that has been on your reading list a long time . You’ll enjoy waiting times a lot more if you use them for something special.

12 -Send someone a sweet message:

This is very simple and often overlooked. Send a nice message or even a funny picture to your spouse or friend, your mother, someone you enjoy talking to.

13-Understand the big-picture reason behind your wait:

Not all waiting is in vain. If we analyze why we’re forced to wait, it may turn out we’ll be better off later on because of this very wait here and now: e.g. we could be delaying a ready but mediocre result for a more rewarding outcome, or exercising the virtue of patience which is in and of itself desirable; on the contrary, there are pernicious kinds of wait which we should adequately react against. Either way, in order for this understanding to materialize, one needs “to move past our irritation at being forced to wait.”


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