10 Things to Do If You Feel Hopeless

10 Things to Do If You Feel Hopeless

10 ways to regain hope and stop feeling hopeless:

Hopelessness is the absence of hope in your life. Hope is the wish or expectation that positive things will happen in your future. In general, hope is an optimistic emotion associated with positive outcomes. Feeling hopeless can also feel like helplessness, apathy, sadness or despair. You may feel empty but you don’t know why.
Hopelessness can also be a sign of a broader mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety. Feeling stuck in a place of hopelessness really makes life difficult.

When you’re feeling hopeless, it can be hard to believe that things can get better. But it’s important to remember that this is hopelessness or depression speaking to you. There is a way out and things can get better.

Here are some ways to help You regain hope :

1-Think about how you’ve overcome similar struggles in the past:

When you’re going through a difficult time, you naturally feel trapped by fear, doubt, and pessimistic thoughts that we won’t be able to overcome the obstacles. We forget that it always feels impossible until it’s done and that we’ve overcome similar struggles in the past.

2-Take a step back:

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and when you’re plagued by feelings of insecurity, it’s a sign that you need to take a step back and take some serious care of yourself to regroup your feelings and to honor. Take a walk, talk to a friend, take a short vacation, meditate, or write in a journal. Do whatever helps you return to center and balance. Recognize and reward yourself for every achievement you reach, no matter how small.
Every step you are taking matters and brings you closer to your dreams. Focus on the now by breathing consciously and deeply and appreciating all that is in your present moment.


Yes, that’s right, sit with your emotions for a few minutes and allow yourself to have a good, long cry. Holding back emotions can make them last longer, so allow yourself to feel things for a minute and let yourself cry. After that, take a walk outside to clear your mind and you will see new emotions emerge alongside hopelessness.


Meditation has many benefits, but one of the most important is focusing on the present. The hopelessness usually extends into the future and quickly becomes overwhelming. Learning to focus on the present moment can help alleviate these feelings.

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5-Keep a journal:

Some people find that writing down their thoughts and emotions in a journal helps them process their emotions. If you don’t know what to write, start by documenting the situations that happened during the day and how it made you feel.

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6-Develop a plan:

After developed ideas alone or with someone else, create a plan. Decide which step you will take first. Remember that you can always have a plan B if plan A doesn’t work. Think of your plan as an experiment and your task is to run as many experiments as possible until you find what works.

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7-Guard Your Energy:

Deciding to take good care of yourself can also help you take back control of spiraling thoughts of hopelessness. Good self-care practices can increase your energy and make you feel more empowered to face the challenges ahead. While self-care can mean eating a balanced diet, staying active, and getting enough sleep, it also means taking breaks when needed and cutting yourself some slack.
And spending time on hobbies and activities you enjoy is also a healthy way to find balance.

8- Practice gratitude:

Hopelessness often goes hand in hand with the feeling that there is nothing to be thankful for. Take a minute to write down just one thing for which you are grateful. It could be the air in your lungs, the ability to sleep without medication, or hearing the birds outside your window. You don’t have to make a huge list; just find one .

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9-Solve problems:

Hopelessness, is the belief that things will not get better or that you will not succeed. But there is always something you can do to solve a problem or change your attitude towards it. Spend some time thinking about possible solutions to the problem. you don’t even necessarily need excellent ideas.
Just try to come up with as many strategies as you can to tackle a problem.

10-Remember that life is always changing:

Things can get better. When problems arise, it can seem like things are only going to get worse, but that’s the dark mood within us. If we keep the faith and respond to the situation with positive and constructive actions, we can break the cycle and things will get better.
Sometimes we we just need to do is to simply let time pass and resist the urge to overreact and make the problem worse.

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