17 Things Smart People Never Do

17 Things Smart People Never Do

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Who are smart people?

Things Smart People Never Do

Intelligence is more than just having knowledge or a high IQ. It’s about making wise choices and avoiding behaviors that hinder progress. To decide what makes a person smart, we can think about lots of things. Is it the ability to remember lots of facts? Or is it the skill of making good choices in important moments and dealing with tough situations? Maybe it’s about considering different perspectives before taking action. Ultimately, intelligence is likely a combination of all these qualities. When it comes to determining the factors behind someone’s success and well-being, it is often easier to identify what smart people do not do. By avoiding these negative behaviors, we can naturally enhance our own progress and achievements.

17 Things Smart People Never Do:

1-They do not surrender :

The things that are worth it in life are not easy to achieve. To achieve something meaningful, you have to work hard and never give up. Smart people understand this concept and are willing to devote their full effort to achieving their objectives. When they face challenges, they look for new ways to improve their skills and abilities, never giving up just because they feel uncomfortable.

2-They don’t overly depend on others:

Smart people understand that we live in a competitive world where only the strongest survive. Depending too much on others, whether it’s friends, family, or colleagues, can leave you vulnerable and powerless. Instead of relying on others, smart people assess the situation carefully and determine the root cause of the problem. Once they fully understand the issue, they are able to make well-informed decisions on how to resolve it, without being excessively reliant on their peers.

3-They don’t beg for someone’s attention:

Smart people do not seek attention through begging. Instead, they comprehend the significance of participating in meaningful discussions and are willing to contribute when suitable. In the event that someone displays a lack of interest in hearing their thoughts, they gracefully acknowledge it and redirect their conversation to another person. Begging for attention is a clear indication of insecurity, and smart people like to spend their time talking to like-minded individuals who are open and attentive.

4-They don’t point fingers at others and avoid taking responsibility:

Clever individuals understand that assigning blame to others serves no purpose. Instead of indulging in finger-pointing, they direct their attention toward finding solutions and identifying opportunities for growth. They acknowledge that every person is capable of making mistakes and give importance to what follows those mistakes—learning and making progress.
Moreover, when faced with adversity, smart people take accountability. They willingly accept responsibility for their actions and perceive it as an essential quality for personal development.

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5-They don’t act in an indecisiveness way:

Before taking any action, wise individuals ensure they understand the situation at hand. They assess whether it’s best to get involved or steer clear. If they deem it unrelated to their interests, they keep their distance as much as possible. Some may assume that intelligent people are dull and serious, but that’s not true. They simply choose to act responsibly and prioritize what truly matters in life over frivolous distractions. They’re aware that indecisiveness can lead to complications and headaches down the line.

6-The past doesn’t hold them back:

When it comes to pursuing our dreams, it is essential that we do not allow our past experiences to hinder our progress. We may have encountered negative situations in the past when expressing our thoughts and opinions, resulting in disagreements and feelings of intimidation or being belittled. Nevertheless, we must always bear in mind that these are merely emotions and should not be seen as limitations. By not allowing our past to distract us from our goals, we can grow mentally and emotionally and ultimately achieve what we desire in life. Smart people understand the significance of not letting past experiences hinder their progress.

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7-They Won’t Prioritize Perfection:

Emotionally smart people do not prioritize perfection as their objective, given the understanding that it is unattainable and doesn’t exist. When your objective is perfection, you are always left with a persistent feeling of failure, and you spend your time regretting what you were unable to achieve and what you should have done differently instead of appreciating your accomplishments.
‘ Human beings, by our very nature, are prone to making mistakes.’

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8-They Won’t Say Yes Unless They Want To:

Research has shown that facing difficulty in declining can lead to increased stressburnout, and depression. Saying no is indeed a considerable challenge for most individuals. Emotionally smart people confidently use the word ‘no’ when necessary. Rejecting new commitments displays respect for existing obligations and allows individuals to fulfill them successfully.

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9-They Won’t live on Problems:

The emotional state you experience is determined by where you direct your attention. When you fixate on the difficulties you face, you generate and prolong negative emotions and stress, which hinder performance. By focusing on actions to improve yourself and your situation, you cultivate a sense of personal efficacy that fosters positive emotions and enhances performance. smart people do not live in the realm of problems because they comprehend that they achieve the most when they direct their attention to solutions.

10-They don’t criticize someone’s looks:

Intelligent individuals recognize that there is no value in criticizing someone’s physical appearance. In life, variety is vital, and it would be tedious if we all had identical looks.
Smart people value differences and perceive them as a positive aspect that can facilitate the healthy growth of relationships.
People who waste their time criticizing the appearance of others are often superficial insecure and ignorant. Smart individuals understand that criticizing someone’s appearance is a futile endeavor and instead focus on appreciating their unique qualities.

11-They don’t lie about their skills:

Smart people are self-assured and at ease with their competencies and abilities. They do not feel compelled to deceive and profess capabilities they do not possess. If they are lacking in a particular area, they concentrate on improving rather than lying about it.

Individuals who are not truthful about their abilities are typically seeking a quick resolution to a difficulty or circumstance, which is typically not found. Intelligent individuals comprehend the significance of honesty and adhere to their commitments.

12-They don’t focus on negative things:

Smart people believe that thoughts have a tangible effect. If one has nothing but negative thoughts in their mind, their life will also become negative as well.  smart people realize that life improves by utilizing one’s talents to imagine, innovate, construct, and cherish.

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13-They don’t waste time:

Individuals who possess a high level of intelligence do not waste time. They develop productive habits that can help them work more efficiently and effectively. They do not allow themselves to be sidetracked by trivial matters or unnecessary tasks. They are also aware of the importance of taking breaks since it is impossible to work continuously.

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14-They don’t expect immediate results:

Clever individuals understand that good events occur to those who are patient. Many individuals in the current era expect to receive all their desires the moment they want them. intelligent individuals recognize that hard work is required to achieve the things that they desire. This is the only way to truly appreciate your accomplishments.

15-They Don’t Let Fear Hold Them Back

Smart individuals experience fear and self-imposed limitations like everyone else, but they do not permit these thoughts to obstruct them from taking appropriate actions.

When confronted with fear, it is important to determine whether it is a legitimate concern or merely a limiting belief that is holding you back from taking action.

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16-They don’t belittle Others’ Intelligence: 

Smart people don’t put down others’ smarts. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to respect that for a better society.

17-They Don’t Ask for Help:

Intelligence doesn’t mean being knowledgeable in every area. Smart people ought to be ready to ask for help, advice, or guidance whenever and wherever necessary, as this shows humility and a desire to learn.


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